Fall 2016 Recap

So this second half of 2016 has seen us going everywhere as a troop. The older girls went to San Antonio for a weekend and did Six Flags and took a ghost tour. We took our little girls to NASA in Houston for their “I Camped in Space” program, went camping, took a (free) tour of a sea turtle facility in Galveston, spent a day at  Schlitterbahn (also in Galveston), went roller skating (a HUGE hit with my girls), took the Brownies (and one Junior we snuck in) to the Brownie Magic day event, and our Cadettes returned just today from Forensics Weekend!! We also threw a birthday party for our founder Juliette Gordon Lowe with a Halloween theme and are only one week away from our annual Christmas Sleepover.

In between all of these adventures, we did find time to earn badges and awards. Because we have multiple levels meeting together and not nearly enough manpower to separate them, it takes a bit of coordinating to make sure every level is getting to earn something. But we manage! So far our girls have earned:

  • Daisies – 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey, Honest and Fair petal, Friendly and Helpful petal
  • Brownies – Home Scientist badge, Pets badge
  • Juniors – Camper badge, Animal Habitats badge, Junior Girl Scout Way badge
  • Cadettes – Special Agent badge, Public Speaker badge, Entrepreneur badge, and they’re about to finish their Babysitter badge
  • Seniors – Behind the Ballot badge
  • Ambassadors – nothing yet, but they’re about to wrap up the Photographer badge and Water badge

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