Christmas Sleepover Activities

Every year, we host a Christmas sleepover for our girls at the church where we meet. We don’t worry about earning badges or awards or learning anything – just having lots of holiday fun! This is everything we did and all the games we played this year.

Gift exchange: our older girls each brought a wrapped gift with a limit of ten dollars and did the white elephant exchange game. The Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors all brought wrapped holiday socks and I read one of those right/left holiday stories. This year I found one that had across in it, so that was a great way to make sure the gifts got good and mixed up and nobody got their own. It was called Christmas with the Right Family. Some of the girls weren’t so excited about the idea of socks so I suggested nail polish but we had several who didn’t like that idea at all so socks it was.

Making cookies: we just mixed up five batches of sugar cookie dough, gave each girl a ball and some cookie cutters, and let them go for it. The church we meet at lets us use the kitchen whenever we need to so we baked them that night and sent them home with everyone in the morning.

Candy Cane relay: We split the girls up into two lines and handed everyone a candy cane. They held it in their mouth by the straight end with the hook pointing upwards. Starting at one end of the line, they had to pass another candy cane from girl to girl WITHOUT USING THEIR HANDS by grabbing it with the candy canes in their mouth.

Rudolph game: I tied yarn around red pom poms and gave one to each girl. Then they each got a glob of Vaseline on their nose and had to hold the string in their mouth and flip the pom pom onto their nose. It’s actually pretty hard, but several of my girls got it multiple times and the Vaseline sticks really well.

Santa Belly Bust: Each girl got a blown up and tied balloon that she had to stick under her shirt. This was her Santa belly. The first person to bust their Santa belly was the winner. I got this idea here – Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas Family Feud: This game was just for the older girls and my mom said she thinks they really enjoyed it! My posters for the surveys were very simple – I cut a poster board into quarters, and on each one I stuck sticky notes for the number of answers and just wrote the answer and number of points underneath it. My mom played Steve Harvey and had a notecard with her that had the answers and their numbers on it so she would know which sticky note to pull off. Here are a bunch of links to several good sites with lots of Christmas surveys already put together so you just have to pick the ones you want – Christmas FeudChristmas Family FeudHoliday Family Feud Game

Icing Christmas trees: I had to mix up my own green icing with some food coloring because Walmart didn’t have any, but each girl got an ice cream cone and a small pack of M&Ms. They just smeared the icing on the cones with some plastic knives and then stuck the M&Ms on for ornaments. Super messy but lots of fun! I originally saw this idea on Pinterest but there’s the link to the original poster – Preschool Christmas Crafts.

Saran Wrap ball: This was the game I think everyone had the most fun with. My brother and I made this huge ball of saran wrap with candy wrapped up inside of it. There was a grand prize in the middle (ours was a bag of mini Kit Kats – round ish objects work best!) and several layers of wrap in between each candy. The girls all sat in a circle and one girl started unwrapping. She got to unwrap until the girl next to her rolled doubles on some dice, then pass it on. Any candy she uncovered was hers to keep! We used nearly all of a 300 square foot roll of Saran Wrap and it went around our circle of 21 girls almost 3 1/2 times. This got extremely intense near the end but it was so funny to watch! Here’s a picture of our ball:


Finally, one of the older girls was nice enough to bring her nail polish collection and some cheap lipstick and eye shadow, so the girls got to paint their nails and we helped them with the eye shadow and lipstick.

We didn’t have a TV this year, so we couldn’t put on a movie to get them to settle down. As a result, they stayed up pretty late. I think we got everyone laying down at around one but I had some who stayed up giggling quite a bit longer. Despite that, I think everyone had fun and that this year was a success.


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